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Spring 2011
In this issue you’ll find:

Table of Grace

Make your Easter dinner an event to remember this year by decorating in a manner that subtly tells the Resurrection story.

Hear My Voice

One of the greatest parables of Jesus is the story of The One Lost Sheep. Why? Get to know sheep and shepherds a little better, and you'll have a better understanding.

This I Know

Among the greatest unsung heroes of the faith are Sunday School teachers. When they reach children, they change the world.

Home, Sweet Korea

Get a glimpse of life in South Korea as experienced by a young American newlywed. It's a tale of ancient culture, overcrowded subways and a yearning for pizza.

Flourish of Flowers

Among all the glory of creation, there's nothing more lovely than a flower. What fun to put all that color on a salad.

The Need is the Call

For more than 30 years, Pastor Bill Wilson has been taking the Gospel to the poor, the desperate and the down-and-out in some of the darkest corners of New York City.



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